Please Read This List to Help You With Your Buying Experience

Already have an account? Need to Verfiy your email?
Login to website with your account. Click "Account" in the top right corner. Click the highlighted "resend link". Then go to your email inbox and find an email from Open the email and click the blue button inside to verify your email. If you have a Hotmail or MSN account, you may need to add to your contact list.
Website Browser
1. Do not use Internet Explorer as your web browser. It’s outdated and does not work well with our website.
2. Use Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or others. You can download these for free by going to Google and searching for them.
Registering To register for our auctions, click the Login/Register button at the top of any page. There you will create a username and password and fill out your information. Important – Email is very important as this is mostly how we communicate with you about notifications and invoices. Use an email address that is frequently checked.
When you go to bid, you may be required to submit credit card information before being allowed to bid. We use this information to verify your identity and address. We may authorize your card for $1 or more to verify its authenticity. We then release the $1 hold and you are never charged. Similar to a gas station. To pay for your purchases, you may, but are not required to use this credit card you registered with. We also accept cash and check.
Staggered Closing Times: Each lot has it’s own closing time. We may say the auction closes at 6:00 PM, and that is when the first item will close. But after that, each item may be 20 seconds to 1 minute apart. You need to look at each item, and it will show you the exact closing time for that item. For example, an auction with 360 items with items closing every 20 seconds (or 3 items per 1 minute) will last 2 hours, or till 8:00PM if the auction started at 6:00PM.
Extended Bidding Our auctions have a soft close. This means if a bid is placed on that item with less than 2 minutes left on that item, it will reset the time on that item to 2 minutes. As long as bidders are bidding on that item with less than 2 minutes, it will continue to reset the time on that item. When there are no bids on that item in the final 2 minutes, it will close and there will be a winner. This simulates a live auction, where the auctioneer accepts bids until there are no more bidders.
Buyer Premiums Some of our auctions have a buyer premium.  This is a percentage we add to the winning bid price and it creates the total contract price. The buyer premium is prominently displayed in the terms of the auction and at the top of each auction. Please bid accordingly.
Example: Final bid price of $100 with 10% Buyer Premium = $110 total contract price.
Invoices After the Auction
We email a notice to you immediately after the auction that your invoice is available. You may click the link in the email to find it. Also your invoice is available under your account on our website. You’ll need to be logged in and you can click account in the top right corner. There you can find your invoice for the auction and all past auctions.
Payment For Your Purchases
We accept cash or check as payment. We also accept credit cards up to $3,000 with admin fee of 3% added to it. We do not accept credit card for any totals above $3,000. In some instances we may require wire transfers for purchases with a $20 fee added to those totals. We accept ACH payments as well. To pay by ACH, please contact us and we will send the link to pay by ACH. ACH takes one full business day to process.
Picking Up Your Items This is important. Each auction has will a loadout date, time and location. You can find this in the terms of the auction everytime. We also post this many times at the top of the auction.
There are specific dates and times to pick up your items. Sometimes items may be located at our facility, sometimes at a home in Kearney or surrounding community, and sometimes the auction may have equipment located in multiple locations. All you need to do is check the terms of the auction to find out.

Bidding Tips

Max Bids
You can leave a maximum bid on an item if you like. The computer will bid up to that amount for you. It will only bid for you if another bidder places a bid. This is a feature to use if you want to bid on an item and not have to continue monitoring it. Example: An item is a current bid of $30. You can type in the bid box $100. The computer will bid for you up to $100 only if other bidders bid against you. In the instance 2 bidders place a bid at the same amount, the tie goes to the bidder who placed their bid first.
Display More Items on Page You can select to show 25, 50, or 100 Items per page.
Lot Detail You can click on each lot to view more information and pictures. Some lots require more details and pictures than others. The detail could include the item’s extra features, condition details, notes from the auction company, location of the item, along with more pictures. Before bidding, we encourage you to look at all of the pictures so you do not miss anything.
Watchlist When you are logged in to the website, you can see view your watchlist by click on it in the top right hand corner. Items that you placed a bid on will be automatically added to your watchlist. You may also add items to your watchlist by clicking the “eye symbol” on a lot. The watchlist will show items from multiple auctions at one time. During auction closing, you may also view the watchlist to bid as it shows a live countdown timer.
We send outbid notices, invoices, and other items to your email address you registered with. They may end up in your spam or junk folder. They come from and you may need to add this email to your contact list to receive them in your inbox.
If you do not pick up your items at the scheduled loadout time, we will charge your credit card for those items. An appointment will need to be made to get your items at the auction company’s convenience and applicable charge may be added to your invoice.